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Featured battle : Maguilla

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 11 June 1812

In the finest tradition of British cavalry attacks this one met with great initial success but then galloped out of control. The French reserve squadron took the scattered toopers in the flank and caused mayhem. Of the French troops who had been captured [about 100] most of them escaped.

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FMA Pucara, No. A-522

FMA Pucara, No. A-522

The Pucara is a ground support and counter-insurgency aircraft used in various airforces around the world, most notably by the Argentinian Air Force during the Falklands War. There it was also found to be effective against hellicopters but vulnerable to 'Blowpipe' anti-aircraft missiles. This particular aircraft saw action during the war in 1982 and was captured at Port Stanley when that town was taken. It's armament comprised 2 x 20mm cannons, 4 x 7.62mm machine guns and up to 4,000 lbs of bombs or rockets.

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Luck of a Lancaster

Thorburn, Gordon
Now this is an excellent book. It is ostensibly the career of one Lancaster bomber ā€“ W4964 J-Johnny ā€“ which managed to survive the war but in fact it is a testament to the lives (and more often deaths) of the RAF heavy bomber crews. It introduces different crews who flew WS-J at different times for No.9 squadron and, through their particular missions and experiences, tells the story of all such crews including the shocking and saddening toll. While W4964 made it through to VE Day, 103 of the 244 men who flew in her at one time did not. The book covers the experience of downed aircrew escaping from France when some former ā€˜Jā€™ crew are shot down in another bomber. It details the Battle of Berlin in 1943 when the RAF attempted use cunning and technology to reach their targets and quotes the German night-fighter pilots trying to shoot them down. It even covers the hunt for the Tirpitz that W4964 took part in, carrying a Tallboy bomb to try to sink the battleship. Funny, thrilling, fascinating, shocking, sobering and above all, well written. Read this book.
Pen and Sword Aviation, 2013

Reviewed : 2015-05-27 20:02:56