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Featured battle : Salamis

Part of Persian Invasion of Greece..

Date : 23 September 0480 bc

The Persian fleet, with a numerical advantage greater than 3 to 1, had blockaded the Greeks in the waters between Salamis and the mainland. The Persian King, Xerxes, sent his Egyptian squadron to block the westerly end while the main fleet entered the strait. The Greeks had faster more manoeuverable ships and the Persians could not bring their superior numbers to bear because of the confined waters. The Persians lost about 200 ships and their crews.Although still with considerable numerical advantage Xerxes abandoned his efforts to gain a naval victory.

Featured image :

British SLR rifles

British SLR rifles

A pair of British SLR rifles as used by the British Army during the 1970's and 80's. They were a 7.62mm semi-automatic, single shot version of the Belgian FN Assault rifle. Displayed by the 20th Century Revisited group.

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Featured review :

Hitler's Ardennes Offensive

Danny S Parker Ed.
This second book from the same stable [see 'Battle of the Bulge, a German view' reviewed earlier] follows on to deal with the period of attack and its ultimate failure. I felt a privileged and fascinating insight into the Battle of the Bulge. I particularly valued the detail about the attempts to take Bastogne. I have come to realise that the seemingly exaggerated American accounts of the 'glorious defence' are neither exaggerations nor understatements. The book suffers from the same fault as its predecessor in being short on maps, the reader needs a fairly large scale map to fully understand the detail of the manoeuvres. Reading with a map really rewards the effort.
Our view is that this a very good piece of work by the editor and is thoroughly recommended to all who who wish to gain greater insights into the Second World War in Europe.

Frontline Books. Pen & Sword Books Ltd., 2016

Reviewed : 2017-03-20 09:38:23