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Welcome to Clash of Steel

Featured battle : Rorke's Drift

Part of British Victorian Colonial 'Small Wars'

Date : 22 January 1879 - 23 January 1879

A famous stand made by heavily outnumbered British soldiers against attacking Zulu warriors demonstrating above all the effectiveness of discipline, training and fire power. Or as the film expressed it; "'If it’s a miracle it’s a short chamber, Boxer Henry, point four five calibre miracle." "And a bayonet Sir with some guts behind it.

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16th Century Italian Armour

16th Century Italian Armour

Flambouyant armour from Italy during the 1500's. The painting is not original.

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The Irish Guards in the Great War

Rudyard Kipling
Not a lot of military history books could be better than the war diaries and personal correspondence of the First battalion of the Irish Guards written up by Rudyard Kipling with style. Although narrowly focused on this relatively small group of men it is essentially about every soldiers war. This is because it gets down to the minutiae of single men, section and platoon actions. The sweep of strategy and the grand plans are for other places. The text is well supported with illustrations and maps. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone seeking a full understanding of the Great war.
Spellmount Ltd., 1997

Reviewed : 2017-02-24 12:28:11