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Featured battle : 1st Masurian Lakes

Part of First World War

Date : 07 September 1914 - 13 September 1914

After destroying the Russian 2nd Army at Tannenberg, Ludendorf turned to face it's 1st Army. Again von Francois's 1st Corps made gains against the Russian left flank but the defence across the front was much more effective and the Germans were tired. The other Corps in the centre were delayed by a stout 2 division counter-attack while the rest of the Russian Army made an orderly withdrawal back across the River Niemen.

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The Royal Marines Monument, London

The Royal Marines Monument, London

Standing by Admiralty Arch on the Mall, this memorial commemorates the Royal Marines in both the Boer War and the Boxer Rebellion, China 1900. It represents a marine protecting a fallen comrade and accurately depicts the kit and equipment of the period.

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Boeing B52 Stratofortress, Owners Workshop Manual

Davies, Steve
Another excellent Haynes manual of one of those iconic pieces of technology we wish we could own! Detailed sections on it's design and combat history (primarily covering Vietnam and Iraq), it's anatomy, systems, engines and maintenance schedules. Some really detailed and annotated diagrams and the usual crop of photos from all angles. It also has a blow-by-blow account of a training mission from the point of view of the pilot, along with an unusual viewpoint from an air-gunner.
Haynes, Feb 2013

Reviewed : 2013-04-26 15:14:51