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Featured battle : Schöngraben & Hollabrunn

Part of French War of the Third Coalition

Date : 16 November 1805

It appeared as if the French might be able to interpose between the two Russian armies before they could combine. Kutusov left Prince Bagration in a strong position across his southern flank while he move rapidly eastwards. Outnumbered five to one the Austro-Russian force bought enough time for the Russian 1st Army to unite with the remains of the Austrian Army of the Donau and with the Russian 2nd Army under Buxhowden.

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British soldier of the Boer War - stand to! - MUR3_abwkit7

British soldier of the Boer War - stand to! - MUR3_abwkit7

A soldier of the Anglo-Boer war puts his kit on ready for action

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Into Battle with Napoleon 1812. The Journal of Jakob Walter

Jakob Walter. Edited & Annotated by Bob Carruthers
This is a re-presentation of the jounal which was first translated and published in America in 1938. Bob Carruthers has done a really good job in bringing this wonderful work up to date. His inspired selection and inclusion of the watercolours of Albrecht Adam, who witnessed many of the same events as Jakob Walter, makes the book even more enjoyable. That is if the brutal reporting of such a train of harrowing events can ever be enjoyed. The reader is left with an understanding of the life of a soldier in Russia in 1812 and thankfulness that Jakob kept a jounal. A must read.
Pen & Sword Military, Pen & Sword Books Ltd., 2013

Reviewed : 2013-04-30 19:15:12