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Featured battle : Donauwörth [The Schellenberg]

Part of The War of the Spanish Succession

Date : 02 July 1704

The Allies arrived outside the fortress of Donauwörth in the afternoon of the 2nd July much to the surprise of the Bavarian defenders. Marlborough ordered an immediate attack on the outer strong points of the defences. This had the effect of pulling many men from the central positions in Bavarian defences. This achieved Marlborough then attacked the central positions and drove a wedge between the two parts of his opponents forces. By 20.15 hrs the fortress had fallen and the town of Donauwörth fell soon after. The allies had secured a major bridge across the Danube.

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Roman marching camp - Contubernia tents

Roman marching camp - Contubernia tents

Members of the Ermine Street Guard display equipment used in Roman times along with two excellent campaign tents which would have housed up to 8 legionaries with their equipment. These tents have been accurately re-created using authentic materials and techniques from archeological investigations. They are hand stiched from sheets of leather and each took many hundreds of man-hours to complete.

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Secret Flotillas Vol 1 - Clandestine Sea Operations to Brittany 1940-44

Richards, Sir Brook
A fascinating insight into small-boat operations between the British south coast and northern France. This volume covers Breton fishing boats as well as naval motor gun boats and the missions they ran to insert agents, collect/deliver intelligence and pick up down'ed aircrew smuggled to the coast by the resistance. Full of detailed references and anecdotes which begin to give some idea of how information was learned the hard way. Particularly relevant, as the author was himself involved.
Pen & Sword Military, 2012

Reviewed : 2013-04-29 12:06:21