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Featured battle : Malsch

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 09 July 1796

The Austrians attempted to halt the French advance. The attack against the French centre failed and the more numerous French began an outflanking manoeuvre which forced the Austrians to withdraw. Though losses on both sides were similar the French had gained the ground.

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Wars of the Roses, English Billman

Wars of the Roses, English Billman

This foot soldier of the Wars of the Roses period is dressed in a long cloak and jerkin civering a mail shirt, and has a salet for head protection and armour gauntlets. He has a bill polearm and a sword. Member of the Company of Palm Sunday group.

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Fighting for the French Foreign Legion - Memoirs of a Scottish Legionnaire

Lochrie, Alex
There are quite a number of memoirs out there of men attracted by the legion, and I've read most of them. Luckily, this one ranks quite highly amongst those I've read. The author manages to join the legion at quite an advanced age - 38 - and so brings a different viewpoint to the training and life as an older man. His training and experience as a member of their special forces is usual for this kind of book - he serves in Tchad, Bosnia, Desert Storm, but he becomes a technical specialist in photographic techniques and brings a sensitivity to his writing that is sometimes lacking in others. It's a more thoughtful book, and should be a good addition to anyone's Legion library.
Pen & Sword Military, 2013

Reviewed : 2015-05-27 20:14:20