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Featured battle : The Ardennes

Part of First World War

Date : 20 August 1914 - 25 August 1914

The French Third and Fourth armies advanced into the path of the German Fourth and Fifth armies manouvering as part of the Schlieffen plan. The French were seriously outnumbered and took heavy losses before re-organising west of the River Meuse anchored on the Fortress of Verdun.

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HMS Ocean

HMS Ocean

The latest British assault carrier HMS Ocean (L12) in dock

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Waterloo Archive Volume III: British Sources

Gareth Glover [Ed]
Just like the first two volumes another fascinating read. There are many many books which give one the strategy, and an over view of the action in the battle, some excellent in their way. But these volumes tell us, or more correctly the men themselves tell us, about real lives of real individuals who were involved in that momentous event. If you want to know who fought Quatre-Bras and Waterloo then these volumes tell you of some of the men. We can guess that most of the others, whose voices are not recorded, had similar varied lives. Also in the three British sourced volumes there are eight superb illustrations reproduced from William Mudford's history of Waterloo published in 1817. If you want to know the men read these books.
Frontline Books, Pen & Sword Books Ltd., 2011

Reviewed : 2015-02-03 20:01:50