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Featured battle : Calabria. Invasion of

Part of Second World War

Date : 03 September 1943 - 17 September 1943

The first Allied landings on mainland Europe were around San Giovanni and Regio on the toe of Italy. Elements of the British 8th Army with massive air and sea support landed against little opposition. A significant bridgehead was quickly established. A two pronged advance overcame what resistance there was and Commando landings helped to leapfrog difficult positions. Landings at Taranto seized the harbour and pushed inland. By the 8th Sept. German resistance had stiffened however, after the Salerno landings, 9th Sept., some troops opposing the 8th Army were withdrawn to face the new threat. By the 17th the 8th Army occupied the 'foot' and the 'heel' of Italy.

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Bosworth, King Richard's Monument

Bosworth, King Richard's Monument

A monument on the Bosworth Battlefield placed to commemorate the fall of King Richard III during the battle. Although it indicates that it is placed on the spot where he fell, current research indicates that the actual site of the battle was some miles from this site.

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1812 Napoleon in Moscow

Paul Britten Austin
It is difficult to evaluate this book which has a confusing conflict between style and content. As a style the author has adopted the appalling affectation of the use of the present tense to describe the past. This in parts makes gaining a clear understanding more difficult than it needs to be. The content is well researched and appropriately selected giving real insights into the French in Moscow. The real quality of the book is that we get to see the big event from many personal perspectives. In the introduction the author apologizes, and so he should, for his 'syntactic and grammatical deviations' for these in part make difficult reading of what otherwise would be a very good book.
Frontline Books, Pen & Sword Books Ltd., 2012

Reviewed : 2013-02-09 00:00:00